We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Sportswear, Fitness Wear, Custom Team Wear and Sporst Gloves.

To be the industry’s leading sports company, fueled by authentic brands that inspire athletic achievement and enjoyment.

Our mission is to provide everyone from first-time participants to professional athletes with the world’s best sports and fitness equipment, footwear and apparel.

Our playing field
We are dedicated to active lifestyles, sports and wellness.

Our ambition
The passion for sports is at the core of our business. Our primary motive is setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our limits in life, business and technology, enabling people to achieve their highest goals in sports and improve their well-being.

We represent a number of nationalities and different cultures. Our shared values support and guide our operations around the world. Success in competition requires the determination to win, team spirit, fair play and innovation.

Determined to win
Strong performance is our core value. Financial success enables continuous development of our brands and products. The determination to win encourages a strong work ethic and high-level performance.

Team spirit
We believe in team spirit and teamwork. We want our team to consist of strong individuals who support our common goals.

Fair play
We play by the rules and we recognize and seek to remedy our faults.

Best Regards,
Chief Executive