Outdo Enterprises was established by Mr. Aqib Latif, an enthusiast who had been working in the sports manufacturing industry for some years and whose passion for the game led him to lead his new sweatshop. The first years of Outdo Enterprises with few employees proved to be difficult in the intense and competitive market. However, Mr. Aqib worked his way out starting from 100 Uniforms & gloves per month and finally won his trust over world biggest giant in the market.

Most of the production processes involved in producing hand-stitched uniforms was at less production capacity. Understanding that, Mr. Aqib strategized his business approach by implementing "Lean Manufacturing" principles that helped him reducing waste through this labor-intensive method.

Outdo won the contract to produce uniforms for international market. Right now Outdo Enterprises won The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), "Best Export Performance Award. Outdo Enterprises has set standards in manufacturing industry by delivering quality products with shorter lead-time. All these innovations and continuous modification made it possible for Outdo Enterprises to be a unique manufacturer in international market produces Sportswear, Fitness wear, Sports gloves, Soccer, NBA, NHL, NFL, Football uniform, American football uniform, Sports bags, Goal Keeping Gloves etc. The company employees about 300 people making it one of the largest employer in the area and it is the only company that employs women too. Thus providing rare opportunities for women in rural areas. There are currently around 50 women working on the assembly lines.

Outdo Enterprises has achieved a lot due to its commitment and passion. We are striving to achievethe goal ofmoving towardshighest levels of quality by discovering new horizons of technology against reasonable prices.

Our mission is to mark availability of professional wear to athletics and to be a service hub for emerging businesses of relevant industries by offering best quality in reasonable prices.


We believe that integrity allowsbeginning & maintaining long term relationships with each of our sole client and business partners as well as our employees. Open & honest communication in the work environment is the first key to highly successful organizations.


We firmly believe that innovation is essentiallyvaluedroad map of our business’s success and by that we can find improved ways to produce good quality products by optimizing our resources.

Team work

With a variedassembly of experiences, we are being backed by our best business teamaround the word, we are confident that our brilliant and candid team can help us to achieve a better business outcome for our organization in future as well.

On-Time Provision

Utilizing the most advanced technology for production and processing of business activities, our professionals and our commitment enables us to complete our targets on-time.

Client Satisfaction

We are committed to produce our products as per the requirements of our admired customers. We are offering exceptional services with best response-needed queries against the orders completed.

Safety, Health & Environment

We enthusiastically stay busy to be responsible for a safe and healthy workstation for our employees by acting needed actions responsibly towards the community and environment, in which it operates.

Research & Development (R & D)

Since the establishment, we consider research and development (R&D) as abasic part of our competitive advantageousstructure. Our primary goal is to flexibly come across the needs and expectations of customers around the globe. This is also the motive, why our research is not limited by in-house approach – and our research and engineering professionals have established a fruitful collaboration with universities and other research institutions as well.

Field of Sports goods

At Outdo, we place great importance on the global environment, on the legacy built by our founders, and above all, on client communication. We believe in “Cooperation and Teamwork,” which we liken to using a variety of colors (viewpoints) to paint the beautiful pieces of artworks (Goal Keeping Glove, Sports bags, Apparels). This is the spirit of Outdo, where we hope to continue to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Fully Unified System

One of Outdo’s strengths is the systems’unification, which allows us to cover all processes in-house, from product planning and development to production. This streamlined system does not waste anything, contributing to cost savings and ensuring our ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs in order to deliver high-quality products. This is the strength of our uniformly coordinated internal departmental communications.

Stability of Supply

At Outdo, to prevent major fluctuations in product price and availability amid changing economic conditions, we have established our own production routing to ensure that we maintain stable prices and supplies.

Quality Assurance

Our sound established and comprehensively defined systems are responsible for the authority of producing premium quality. Customer satisfaction is our emblem and our quality assurance department is striving hard not only to maintain but improve quality thereby sustaining our growth with ultimate customers’ satisfaction.

Manufacturing Excellence (ME)

We have fully developed tool of manufacturing excellence (ME) that provides a comprehensive, proven attitude for delivering world class performance while also educating the right culture through leadership and mentoring.

Child Labor

Outdo Enterprises shall not employ any person who is less than 18 years old as per guided by Pakistan’s Law and advised by world child protection institutions.

Harassment or Abuse

Every employee will be treated with respect and dignity as part of Outdo Enterprises. No employee will be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse during the work and outside the working boundaries for official activities.


No person shall face any discrimination in employment, including hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, or social or ethnic origin and any other racial or cult belonging.

Health, Safety & Environment

Outdo Enterprises shall provide a safe and healthy working environment to prevent any accident or injury by adopting HSE practices accurately. Outdo Enterprises shall part regular training and awareness session for workers about health, safety and environmental conditions moreover make sure progressive improvement in environmental performance by adopting pollution prevention measures.

Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining

Employer shall recognize and respect the right of employees to join and organize an association and to bargain collectively. Company will develop and implement system for resolving industrial disputes, including employee grievance, and ensure effective communication with employees and their representatives.

Hours of Work

Expect in extraordinary business circumstances, employees will:
–Not be required to work more than the 60 hours per week including overtime.
–Be entitled to at least one day off in every seven day period.

Wages, Benefits & Overtime Compensation

Outdo Enterprises recognizes that wages are essential to meet the employee’s basic needs. Employers will pay employees as a base, at least the minimum wage requires by local law or the prevailing industry wage, whichever is higher, and will provide legally mandated benefits.

In addition to their compensation for regular hours of work, employees will be compensated   for overtime hours at such premium rates as is legally required in the Pakistan.

Employment Relationship

Employer shall adopt and adhere to rules and condition of employment that respect workers and at a minimum, safeguard their rights under national and international labor and social security laws and regulations.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Outdo Enterprises is a company manufacturing & exporting Sportswear, Fitness Wear, Gloves and Accessories for international markets. We understand that few of our employees may have dangers by performing their activities and using raw materials, natural and artificial resources.

Outdo Enterprises is committed to continual improvement of its OH&S Management System for the achievement of healthy, safe and helpful environment as well as would ensure to prevent injury and health by taking proactive steps. We are highly concerned about providing the healthy and safe environment to our employees to avoid any hazards.  We are committed to comply with under mentioned national and international standards:

– Relevant Health & Safety regulation
– ILO Conventions related to Health & Safety
– Workplace Standard’s requirements

To withstand this commitment, the requirements are comprehensively mentioned in the document of occupational health & safety management system of OHSAS 18001:2007, which covers all aspects of our work.

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available on website to public for their interest.

Environment Policy

Outdo Enterprises is a company manufacturing & exporting Gloves for international markets. We understand that our business may have an environmental impact by performing our activities and using raw materials, natural and artificial resources.

Outdo Enterprises is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System for the achievement of safe and conductive environment as well as would ensure to prevent injury and health by taking proactive steps. We are highly concerned about the Prevention of pollution for the safe living.

– The relevant NEQS of Pakistan
– WFSGI regulations related to environment
– Environmental Law and Guidelines

To sustain this commitment, the requirements are comprehensively mentioned in the document of environmental management system of ISO 14001. These apply to all related activities.

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available to public for their interest.

Quality Policy

Outdo Enterprises aims to achieve chief position in sportswear industry by satisfying our respectable customer’s needs and expectation by providing consistent quality products backed-up through:
–Modern Research & development Facilities
–Quality management System

The company is confident to declare that though its intention and efforts; it can motive employees produce better quality of gloves and create culture of continuous improvements.